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Welcome to the 100% unofficial and independent home of the UK Warhammer tournament scene. Our mission is to make large scale organized play more accessible to the whole of the Warhammer community by organizing and facilitating large Warhammer tournaments. We are doing this through 3 main methods.

1) We run the biggest Warhammer tournaments in Europe. Through the massive events we run, we make large scale, organized play for the games we love, a reality. Find out more about our events, here. Our vision is of a gaming scene in the UK where players have a choice multiple 200+ players events, within a 2 hours drive of their home. 


2) We provide the community with the resources it needs to find established and new events easily, in their local area or on a date which they are available. These tools are principally our map and calendar on this site, but also our newsletter.


3) We help local communities grow their events by providing free promotion and publicity through this site and our newsletter enabling them to reach a nation wide audience.

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The UK Tournament Circuit is a group of independent tabletop gaming tournaments that have joined forces to form a season of events in which players accrue point from their performance in each event they attend. These points together form that players score for the season and awards are given at the end of the season based on their total number of points accrued. The goal is foster greater enjoyment of Organized Play in the U.K., and of Warhammer in general.

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