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Welcome to the home of the UK Warhammer tournament scene, we're 100% independent and run by gamers for gamers, comprised of a collection of people who love to play Warhammer.

Our mission is to make large scale organized play more accessible to the whole of the Warhammer community, by organizing and facilitating large Warhammer tournaments. We are doing this through 3 main methods.


1) We provide the community with the resources it needs to find established and new events easily, in their local area or on a date which they are available. These tools are principally our map and calendar on this site, but also our newsletter, which sends all the events listed on this site along with news from around the Warhammer events community straight to your inbox once a week.

2) We help local communities grow their events by providing free promotion and publicity through this site and our newsletter enabling them to reach a nation wide audience. We also provide terrain and mats to events to help them grow when they have decided they are ready to expand and we are working on providing free prizes to events registered to the UKTC in the future. Some events we are currently supporting include the North East Open in Newcastle, Beach Head in Bournemouth and Beast in the East in Lincoln. All of which are in cities where we are proud to be helping hard working TOs to do something great for their community. If you are a TO and would like to grow your event, please get in touch with us, here.

3) We also run our own events when we identify a region that currently has limited access to tournaments of the scale that we put on. Our vision is of a gaming scene in the UK where players have a choice multiple 200+ players events, within a 2 hours drive of their home. Not only do we want to give local players a huge event on their doorstep but we also want to foster greater integration throughout the UK player base, giving travelling players an excuse to see more of the great cities around the country: using professionally run, high quality, massive Warhammer tournaments as the means to achieve this goal.

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