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Beyond battle ready

Annual uktc invitationals

The 2023 season is well underway and a number of players have already qualified for the unconquerable and beyond battle ready invitationals for this Sepember.

These invitationals reward members of our community by granting them access to two exclusive invitationals Beyond Battle Ready is our invitational to celebrate all things aesthetic. Where players who have scored highly on one of our painting competitions throughout the year can come to complete in a interactive map based tournament, where sportsmanship, generalship and hobby-ship have equal weight in the rankings.

The Unconquerable event is for any player who has gone undefeated at one of our tournaments throughout the year. It's the toughest test of a generals ability on the planet. You're only playing against other generals who have gone 5-0 or better!


Sept 2-3


The de Ferrers Academy, Trent Campus, St Mary's Dr, Burton-on-Trent DE13 0LL


Where can I get tickets:

Tickets are now available, here.

I have questions:

Contact us here.

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