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The London Open Series is a series of regular Warhammer events, held multiple times a year in central London.

Tickets for the new London Open are now available, here.

If you are playing AOS you  can find the relevant info here.



The London OPEN is a 5-6 round, 2000 point, Matched Play event using the Strike Force missions from Games Workshop’s GT Mission Pack and all the rules contained therein. 5 rounds shall be fought before a cut to the top 2. These 2 players shall then battle it out in a in the semis and a final to see who will be crowned champion. 


Location Pack: Coming soon.

Gaming Packs: Here

Terrain & Mission Pack: Here

Judges Rules Rulings: Here

Technical Rules Questions: Here

Best Painting: (Coming Soon)

Sports Reporting / Nominations: (Coming Soon)

There will be a general awards ceremony after round 5 during which all awards other than 1st and 2nd place are given out.


If you have any general enquires at all, please get in touch here.

Make sure you are signed up as interested or 'going' on the Facebook Event for all the informal announcements in the run up to the event. 


April 15-16


Alperton Community School, Ealing Road, Wembley HA0 4PW.

Where can I get tickets:

From our Webstore, here.

I have questions:

Contact us here.

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