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The Leeds GT is a 2-day, 5-7 round, Warhammmer 40k matched play tournament with space for 500+ 40k players, making it the BIGGEST 40k event in the north and potentially the 3rd biggest 40k tournament in the world.

The Leeds GT is being held in the heart of Leeds City Center at The Edge on August 5th and 6th and just like last year, they'll be free ice cream.

There will be 40k, AOS, Kill Team and ASOIAF on offer and more to be announced.

It the other events this year are anything to go by, this will be a sell out too! So make sure you get your ticket early to avoid missing out.

If you are looking for the AOS, ASOIAF or any other game system page for this event, you can find it here.


The Leeds GT is a matched play event. The gaming pack, will be very similar to the one used at our current events and will be updated for 10th edition if appropriate at the time. If you have any general enquires at all, please get in touch here.


August 5-6 2023


The Edge, University of Leeds, Willow Terrace Road, Leeds LS2 9JT, United Kingdom.

Where can I get tickets:

Tickets HERE.

I have questions:

Contact us here.

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