The Manchester GT is a Warhammmer 40,000 matched play tournament with space for over 250 players being held in the heart of Manchester on March 26-27.

Tickets, when available, can be found here.


Location Pack: coming soon

Gaming Pack: Here

Terrain & Mission Pack: Here

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Over the course of Saturday and Sunday you will battle it out over 5-7 games. Everyone will play at least 5 games before the final cut is made for the knock out Play-Offs. On Sunday night there will be a general awards ceremony in which the finalists are announced and other prizes are given out, such as best in faction and best painted etc. then the finalists will battle it out to see who is crowned overall champion.

To take full advantage of our amazing location for the Manchester GT; we thought we'd plan a little pub crawl taking our players from our venue the Trinity sports center, just off Oxford Road, on a jolly stopping off at some fine drinking establishments. All the bars are a short walk from one another and the plan is to spend an hour or so in each one before finishing in a late bar in the Village.  We're also planning group dinners on Friday and Saturday night for anyone to join who wants to make new friends or hang out with old ones and would prefer a less boisterous evening.



The Manchester GT is a matched play event. The gaming pack, is in the process of being revamped for 9th edition but will be very similar to the LGT pack currently available here. We will be incorporating feedback from the LGT to make the Manchester pack as tight as possible. If you have any general enquires at all, please get in touch here.


March 26-27


Trinity Sports Center, Cambridge St, Hulme, Manchester M15 6HP, United Kingdom

Where can I get tickets:

Tickets, when available, can be found here.​

I have questions:

Contact us here.