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The Nottingham GT is back and this time it's bigger than ever, in a new venue with awesome facilities, tones of parking and features both an AOS GT and a 40k Super-Major.

Please note this is the page for the 40k event, AOS players - click here!

We're being hosted in the fantastic University of Nottingham Jubilee Campus. This is a top of the range facility designed by Ken Shuttleworth of Make, who famously designed the Gerkin in London.

We've got twice as much space as before and can host up to 500, making the Nottingham GT one of our biggest events.

The first Nottingham GT sold out in just 2 hours so we expect this one to sell fast too. 

As per last year we will be doing a Friday  afternoon practice session in Warhammer World and social in Bugman's Bar.


Location Pack: Here

Tournament Pack: Here

Terrain & Mission Pack: Here

Policies and Procedures: Here

Read our judges rulings: Here

Submit your technical rules questions: Here

Best Painting nomination form: (Coming Soon)

Sportsmanship reporting / nominations: (Coming Soon)


The Nottingham GT is 2,000 point matched play event. The gaming pack for which can be found here.


Jan 14-15


University of Nottingham - Jubilee Campus, 7301 Wollaton Rd, Lenton, Nottingham NG8 1BB, United Kingdom

Where can I get tickets:

Sign up for instant notifications when these go one sale here.

I have questions:

Contact us here.

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