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A Guide to Preparing Your Miniatures for Gaming Events: Painting, Conversions, Proxies, and More!

Hello fellow hobbyists! Today, we're going to talk about the essential aspects of preparing your miniatures for gaming our events. We'll cover painting requirements, conversions, proxies, printed and vintage models, base sizes, and partially assembled models. Let's dive right in!

Painting Requirements: The Battle Ready Standard

When preparing your models for a gaming event, it's crucial to paint them to a Battle Ready standard. This means your models should be fully painted and feature a detailed or textured base. For instance, a Space Marine should have at least three distinct colors, details should be painted and a textured base, like grass or rubble.

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Iconic Color Schemes: Consistency is Key

If you're using models painted in a recognizable, iconic color scheme (like Ultramarines), make sure they follow the corresponding rules. Your army should have a consistent look and not be a mix of different, unrelated color schemes.

Conversions, Proxies, Printed Models, and Vintage Models

Conversions and proxies are allowed but should closely resemble the original model and have similar dimensions. For example, replacing a power sword with a power fist isn't an acceptable proxy.

Printed models follow the same rules as proxies. If a model hasn't been released by the list submission deadline, you can't use a conversion or proxy for it.

Vintage models are allowed, treated as proxies, and must be on the correct base size.

Always ensure your opponent can identify your models and their equipment without confusion.

Base Sizes: Get it Right

Models should be on the correct base size. If you're unsure about the right size due to repackaging or other reasons, check the GW website. For vintage miniatures, use base extenders if you don't want to rebase them.

Partially Assembled Models: Complete the Look

Models should be fully assembled for gaming events. If a model is not fully assembled or has a significantly different shape than intended, it may be treated as a conversion or proxy.

Use common sense when assessing if a model is partially assembled. For example, a Space Marine without a head or weapon is considered partially assembled, but one without tiny, aesthetic accessories like a bolt pistol holder or grenades is not.

Make sure to include any large spikes or banners that impact line of sight.

To wrap up, always remember that it's your responsibility to ensure your models are compliant with these guidelines. By following these tips, you'll be ready to enjoy your gaming event without any hiccups! Happy gaming!

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