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A Warm Welcome Back to the Warhammer-Tournaments Blog!

Hello, Warhammer Tournament family!

We are beyond excited to announce the return of the blog! After a period of hiatus, we're back and better than ever. We understand that our blog has been greatly missed, and we're thrilled to bring it back to life for all you Warhammer event enthusiasts.

As we relaunch our blog, you can expect a variety of written content that will not only cover the events we run directly but also delve into other aspects of the Warhammer community. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive and informative platform that caters to both casual and competitive players.

What You Can Look Forward to:

  1. Event Coverage: Just like our popular podcast, the blog will feature in-depth reports on the Warhammer events we run, including exciting highlights, interviews, and expert analysis. Stay updated on all the latest tournament action and never miss a beat.

  2. Rules & Policies: We understand that rules can sometimes be complex or open to interpretation. Our blog will host administrative and explanatory content to provide clarity and context for our rules policies, helping you better understand the reasoning behind specific decisions.

  3. FAQ Explanations: Warhammer has its fair share of FAQs, and our blog will explore these in detail, offering insights into why a particular ruling was made and shedding light on the thought process behind it.

  4. Job Adverts: As our community grows, so do our needs. Be the first to know about exciting job opportunities with, and join our team in organizing and supporting this incredible hobby.

Our aim is to create a space where Warhammer fans feel welcome and engaged, and we encourage you to share your thoughts, questions, and opinions as we move forward.

We couldn't be more thrilled to reintroduce the blog to the community. As we embark on this exciting new chapter, we hope you'll join us in celebrating the passion and dedication of the Warhammer community.

Stay tuned for more content, and may your dice rolls be ever in your !

Warm regards,

The Team

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