Getting Into 40K - A New Player's Perspective

New to 40k?

I am. I’ve played exactly 3 games. And now I’m entering the LGT Doubles on Friday night and am really looking forward to it though not without some element of trepidation. But before we get into this, let’s go back to the start of this year.

I’ve been a long-time fan of 40k lore. Over the last 10 years I have read the whole Horus Heresy and a variety of other black library books, and played Dawn of War and Space Marine on PC and consoles. But having thought about it many times, I had always been put off the tabletop game due to the time commitment and sheer volume of rules to learn. But earlier this year, I reconnected with a friend who had played 40k quite a bit in 8thed., has a great Custodes force, and is a talented army painter, and he simply said, “why don’t you get into this?”.

Why not indeed? With working from home, restricted access to do other hobbies, or even getting out of the house except to walk the dog, this would give me something else to learn about and focus on. So, I started watching battle reports and videos on the basics of 40k and I finally chose Death Guard based on the lore and the look of the models (I’ve always been a chaos fan). I bought the codex and started reading.

The real downfall came when my friend, Borna, introduced me to troll trader. I bought a few units… bought a lot more units… played a game… played another… I bought a fully schemed army and sold my old units… I now have over 4,000 points of Death Guard.

The decision to start competing

This was quite an easy one once I was committed. For me personally, and I know this isn’t the case for everyone, I wanted to start testing myself strategically against others. I wanted to learn to be better at the game and I wanted the fun of meeting and playing against people who have gone through the same journey I have.

Borna and I decided the best way to learn is to do, and so saw the LGT Doubles as the best way to get on the scene. We could do our first ever event together, so it would be a little less hardcore than meeting some of the best players in the country/world one-on-one and would be a great thing for us to do as friends. The LGT Doubles will be our launch into more competitive events, and whilst we’d love to win something, our only real expectations are to have fun, learn more about the game, and meet some new people.

I’m not a nervous person and so for me entering a tournament after 3 games (and countless hours reading, watching streams, test rolling my army, reading my codex, FAQs and errata, talking with Borna and planning the missions and secondaries) is just the next step in trying to become a competitive player. But, for a lot of people, I think tournaments have an intimidating air about them and an expectation of ruthless competition that will be neither welcoming nor fun, but the LGT Doubles feels like a great first step for those new to this style of 40k.

We’ve decided to share our journey from amateur to (hopefully) competitive with the community, and have started an Instagram account @40kncoffee to document our journey, share our learnings, and honestly tell people who are like us how we’ve found it.

What I’m expecting

● A fun yet competitive scene

● A hectic noisy environment

● Having to concentrate hard to remember the basics

● Having to play against a clock

● To learn A LOT

● Make some friends

Final thoughts

The hobby has taken hold of me quite firmly and quite quickly, I was surprised about the depth to it and how much thinking it requires. I’m excited to compete and to try and do well. However, if we get completely rekt every game I’ll still be happy if I learn something.

To our opponents at the event: we might be newer players, but we know the basics well, have dice, glue, tape measures, objective markers, an army for you to shoot at and fight with, and hopefully we’ll give you some great matches. Good luck everyone!

David Turner

@deathguarddave | @40kncoffee

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