On route to gold, with Custodes at the London OPEN

My Experiences at the London Open 2021 – Alun Perkins - Custodes

After attending the London Open and LGT in 2019, when this year’s London Open was advertised I got a ticket straight away. I really enjoyed those tournaments so really wanted to be part of that again. Coming into the tournament I didn’t really know what to expect from the local meta, its only my second tournament since the first lockdown and I didn’t play TTS so was very unsure of where my Custodes list would take me. I didn’t expect at all to win the event! My goal was 3 wins out of 5. The venue where the event was held is about 20 minutes from my house so the perfect location for me. The venue was great as well with the large hall giving lots of space for the tables which was perfect.

My first game against White Scars was great fun. I hadn’t played them before, so I was shocked when they hit the assault doctrine. I won by 9 points with a few touch and go moments. My opponent was great and the game was really good fun, this set the tone for the rest of the tournament.

My second game was against Ad Mech which I had heard a lot about on the 40K YouTube channels and from my 40k playing friends. I was expecting an absolute smashing to be honest, but a legend of a Shield Captain surviving when he really shouldn’t have won me the game.

3rd game against Aeldari Soup was not a match up I was looking forward to. I hadn’t played against Drukhari since their new codex so was unsure on how to approach this. In the end a cheeky 9-inch deepstrike charge and the fact it was 4 objective game meant that I pulled through.

Into the second day and my 4th round opponent was running pure Drukhari. I had learnt a lot from the previous game and made sure the Succubus didn’t get a chance to rip into me. That, my obsec units and some horrendous luck with the dice from my opponent meant that I got the win and made it into the final.

The final game against a strong Iron Hands list was an extremely tense 3 hours! It was my first time on the top table at a larger event so I made a few mistakes early on, however as with most Custodes lists, the durability and staying power provides a certain amount of forgiveness for any mistakes made. I needed it. It was such a good game and ultimately seven 3up saves in a row made on my shield captain won me the match and the tournament.

All of my games were won by less than 10 points with more than a few key dice rolls going my way. Having said that, I feel that ultimately the balance of my list really shone through and won the tournament for me. Fast, tough, and reliable obsec units did most of my points scoring and enabled me to dominate the boards against far larger armies, often with very nasty units. All of my opponents were great and I enjoyed every minute of each game. At the awards ceremony they said this was going to be a regular tournament in London at the same venue. I would 100% recommend attending if tournaments are your thing.

Thanks Alun, congrats on the win! Indeed the London Open is becoming the LOS, the London Open Series, a series of regular, 40k and AOS events in London with space for up to 128 players. The next is in October, we hope to see you there: Tickets on sale Friday August 6th at 2pm.

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