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Preparing for Battle: An Orktober Special

In this new series of articles we follow one man’s journey as he prepares for the London Open, later this month. The London Open is an ITC major with over 90 players currently registered, taking place on the 16-17th of Orktober in south London. You can find all the details and get your tickets now: here.

Who is Ghazghkull Thraka? I ask myself as I pour through the new Ork codex. Or more to the point, Why is Ghazghull Thraka [in my list]? I can’t find an answer so out he goes and in goes a plain old Warboss along with Makari to fill out the second HQ slot I need to make my Battalion matched play legal. I’m sitting alone at my kitchen table and like most big kids, I'm writing a list and checking it twice. More precisely, I’m writing my new Ork list for the upcoming London Open, an ITC major I am hoping to go 3 wins to 2 losses in two weeks.

What makes my list extra special, and why I’m not just taking 18 buggies, is that the whole army is going to be themed with models from Kromlech. They do amazing Ork models and I’m planning on theming my list around my favorite ones in their range the Killa Gnaw which I’m using as Killa Kans.

Over the next two weeks I’ll be taking you on my journey to the London open, and their are still tickets left, so hopefully you can come see the army in person. Today I’ll be talking about the army list and why I made certain choices. Then I’ll follow it up with one on painting, one on the practice games I am playing (read: losing) and then eventually a tournament report too. Hopefully you all have fun reading along and can come joining the great waargh in your own time.

So let’s get to it.

I always start list writing to build around a theme. It might be themed around ‘winning’ if I’m meta chasing and trying to win the event, or in this case, themed around Killa Kans. The basic idea was I want as many of them as possible, then I would fill in the gaps in the list to make it legal, and hopefully as good as I can within the constraints of already having spent almost half my points on 18 models. So this bit is easy:

HS1: 6X Killa Kans 240

HS2: 6X Killa Kans 240

HS3: 6X Killa Kans 240

I decided to army these with Grotzookas. With 2D3 shots a piece a 6 Kan squad is throwing out an average of 24 S6 shots, for a unit which is primarily a combat threat, this isn’t shabby. I plan on putting 6 on the teleporta every game. So my next question to answer is what am I going to put in the list which can do something on turn one.

Nobz, that’s the answer. A unit of Trukk Boyz Mega Nobz in a trukk. These provide a great first turn threat as you can charge pretty much anything on the battlefield turn 1. Make them evil sunz and call a waaagh and you're moving 12+2+3+5+1+D6 then charging 2D6. That’s a lot of inches. And what works once, must work better thrice. Unfortunately you can only have one Trukk Boyz squad per detachment and as I’m trying to keep the focus on the Kans, I think fewer units types is better for ease of play, so in go 2 more squads on 3 mega Nobz in a trukk, mainly for threatening objectives. And of course a warboss for the waaagh.

Here we have it, the list is starting to take shape. A turn one kill anything on the board unit, backed up on turn 2 and 3 with 3D6 charging Kans and some average shooting to get rid of screens or plink at units on objectives while two resilient scoring units get points. Now to make it legal.

I need another HQ, there’s no real synergy with any of the other HQs and the Kans, so I opt for the cheapest one I can. The little grot with the flag and the rerollable 2++. Another great objective holder. 3 troops. Again, going for the cheapest I can as on the London Open terrain these will be hiding all event on my home objectives as the Kans press forwards and bingo we have a legal list.

Five hundred. 500 ish points left to spend on something. Ideally I’d put some Deff Dreds in to keep the theme going but without the Heavy support slots I opt for…...buggies. More precisely Squig Buggies. I figure this is on theme as my Kans are all massive squigs. That they happen to be the best unit in the codex and have good synergy with the rest of my list is a positive side effect. The Kans aren't good at killing small hiding units because they can’t move through walls. Buuuuut a no LOS squig fired from a buggy will do good work here. So in 5 go and I call it a day.

When I sit back and look at the monster I’ve created and the current Meta, I think this is a solid 2-3 list. It’s not the best, but I am going with the rule of cool and the list isn’t designed to optimize anything other than fun. My goal at the London Open is to outperform this and go 3-2 if I can do that I will call myself champion and declare Orktober a success!

That's all for now from John, if you want to check out any of the models he'll be using in this army, head on over to Kromlech's webstore and take a look. You can find their full range: here

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