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Vik Vijay wins a consecutive GT with a completely different faction. We last heard from Vik after he dominated Glasshammer GT 2 with Drukhari. Now, he's done it again, this time with Sisters. Let's here from the man himself.

Glasshammer GT #4 – Vik Vijay – 1st Place

Hey guys, Vik back here again with a recap of another GT this weekend, again at the amazing Glasshouse with Glasshammer Gaming.

I thought I’d mix it up a little bit this week and use the faction which I’ve enjoyed the most since I started playing 40k – Adepta Sororitas!

The List

Order of the Argent Shroud

Morvenn Vahl – Warlord, Righteous Rage

5 Battle Sisters

5 Celestian Sacresants – Halberds

2 Crusaders

5 Dominions – 4x Storm Bolters

5 Dominions – 4x Storm Bolters

5 Retributors – 4x Multi-Melta, 2x Armorium Cherubs

5 Retributors – 4x Multi-Melta, 2x Armorium Cherubs

Rhino – Hunter Killer Missile

Rhino – Hunter Killer Missile

Order of the Bloody Rose

Celestine & Geminae Superia

5 Celestian Sacresants – Maces

Dogmata – Litanies of Faith

5 Zephyrim – Penant

5 Zephyrim

5 Zephyrim

5 Seraphim – 4x Hand Flamers

5 Seraphim – Power Sword

5 Seraphim – Power Sword

5 Retributors – 4x Heavy Flamers, Combi-Melta, 2x Armorium Cherubs


The list is built extremely defensively, going very wide on fast MSU units in order to play the secondary missions consistently. Unlike my Drukhari list from a fortnight back, the Sisters are considerably better at maintaining the primary score due to the ability of Celestian Sacresants to prevent Celestine from being targeted by shooting. With Celestine & her Geminae forming a 3-lady unit that can be strung out to a distant objective, and then control it with a 6” heroic intervention, this can allow for consistent scores of a minimum of 10 on the primary. Between the MSU fast units and the bodyguarded characters the list can consistently score 87-97 points (dropping 3 on Octarius Data, and potentially 5 on the primary/to the last).

On the offensive side, the nature of Adepta Sororitas damage output has changed considerably with their new codex. With the loss of army wide advance and charge via a stratagem and the loss of the +12’ range stratagem on the Retributors, the threat range of the army has reduced significantly. To compensate for that, there are considerably better command phase buffs available (e.g. Dogmata Obsec, Morvenn’s full rerolls, +1A Hymn from the command phase rather than an aura) which when combined can make even the smallest MSU units hit extremely hard.


Round 1: vs Steve Pearce’s Emperor’s Children (97-29)

Round 2: vs David Leniewski’s Blood Angels – (97-16)

Round 3: vs Matthew Chinn’s Necrons (84-66)

Round 4: vs Mike Porter’s White Scars (97-69)

Round 5: vs Ben Jones’ Drukhari/CWE – (97-70)


Every game I picked:

While We Stand (Morvenn Vahl, Celestine, one unit of Melta Retributors)

Retrieve Octarius Data

Strangehold/Engage on All Fronts

For Sweep and Clear / Priority Targets, I would pick Direct Assault / Priority Target respectively instead of Stranglehold/Engage on All Fronts


The Angels – The Zephyrim and Seraphim were incredible all tournament. The addition of the Angelic Ascent (1CP) stratagem to put a jump pack unit back into deep strike all but guarantees a maximum score on Retrieve Octarius Data. The Zephryim have an incredible ability to hit above their points (only 85!) when buffed with +1A/Full Reroll’s, and if acting independently can use stratagems for full rerolls to hit and/or 6’s to hit auto wound. A fully buffed unit of Zephyrim can handily take out a fully buffed 20-man unit of Skitarii Rangers. The Seraphim gained an extra attack on their profile, so even them when buffed can hit extremely hard and caught a few of my opponents off guard.

The Characters – Morvenn Vahl and Celestine were also solid throughout the tournament, playing the primary mission alongside their Celestian Sacresant bodyguard and standing in the middle of an objective (Morvenn with her 3” heroic intervention) or on the edge of the objective (Celestine with her 6” heroic intervention). The Dogmata also allowed me to keep the opponents primary down with her ability to make a unit Objective Secured, and I think she is an incredible addition to the Adepta Sororitas character lineup.

Argent Shroud – Argent Shroud stand out to me as the strongest of the order convictions, providing an excellent detachment to place the Adepta Sororitas shooting into. The Storm Bolter Dominions gained significant buffs (2 damage and the Blessed Bolt stratagem for a very probable 6 mortal wounds) and the Multi-Melta Retributors are still excellent. The heavy flamer unit gained an extra point of strength (s6) as well as a stratagem to automatically count as having the maximum number of shots with their flamers, making them an excellent unit to surgically remove an enemy unit when played out of strategic reserves.

Adepta Sororitas are an extremely powerful faction and an absolute blast to play, encouraging strategic and technical play whilst also providing some feel-good factor with the nasty bursts of damage output.

However, I feel that the Sisters inherently come with a very low skill floor and a very high skill ceiling so their win-rates are never going to reflect the true power that the army can bring when played towards its potential. Whilst they don’t quite have the raw power that Drukhari and Ad Mech have, I think the Adepta Sororitas will sit near the top of the meta and make some good placings as we get into the larger tournaments in the UK.

Thanks for reading!

Vik Vijay

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