Welcome to the Warhammer-Tournament.com Blog!

As the tournament scene starts to come back to life, we want this blog to become a diverse collection of coverage of our wonderful events scene.

You'll be able to find tournament reports and articles on the prep that went into them (both competitive articles detailing how expert players prep for an event and hobby articles on how to get an army ready). Following the list design, sourcing the minis, assembly and painting, practice games and of course the events themselves.

We'll also have more abstract articles featuring less well covered aspects of the game: sports psycology and the like.

For now, we'll be publishing one article a week on Sundays, starting later today. As we build the assortment of authors we have on staff, these will start to come out more regularly and we hope to get to the point where we can publish daily.

Here's a taste of what we have in store:

- A series of articles following the new Sisters of Battle and Orks codices, where we design a tournament lists, cover the hobby side of prepping the armies and take them to events. We'll be doing post event coverage and articles on how we iterate these armies to make them stronger over time and as the meta shifts.

- A series of sports psycology as applied to playing Warhammer 40k from a phd in the field, including interviews of former World Champions in more establish sports with millions in prizes.

- Much, much, more!

If you would like to help make this blog a success. Let us know by heading over to the contact us page on this site and drop us a message. We want to collate a range of authors from throughout the event scene and we're happy to welcome on board anyone with an interesting point of view regardless of prowess on the table top.

Stay tuned as our 1st feature length article is due out later today!

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