What Warhammer Means to Us: 40k as an obsession, tool for learning and social activity

Dr. C writes about his personal experiences in the realm of 40k events and what value is has found in this wonderful hobby. Like most of us he views 40k best as a social activity with tournaments being a great way to cram as much of this into a single weekend as possible. Next in this series, he chronicles his trip to the Atlantic City Open.

This blog will be an opportunity to share experiences and games I am happy to be part of. Warhammer 40K is an obsession for me, one which I am able to keep in check with much effort. I started participating in this hobby to spend more time with my son back in the early 1990s. What I have found from my experience; the hobby is a great way to teach without being too obvious. This hobby requires reading, math, reasoning, and true sportsmanship. Most games end with someone losing and someone winning, it is just a fact of the game. In tournament play this is magnified to an amazing degree. How you play, what you do over what you say is critically important to the game and experience of all who play. Do you win with grace, did you give your opponent a fair game, these are all evident in how you play and what you do over what you say.

I have been fortunate enough to play games all over. I seek out the chance to play and am constantly looking for tournaments. Finding games and making time to play are all factors in how much I get to enjoy the hobby. I remember the first games were just pick up games. Finding a local store to play at and then using the kitchen table as a battlefield to play games with my son. I moved on from there to discovering tournaments, a great way to play a few games against some new people. Local stores, gaming groups these are the life of the game I discovered.

The aspect I enjoy most is meeting new people, learning from them and then getting to spend time with people when you're not trying to destroy their Demonic horde. The ability to build an army, paint it and then play against fellow enthusiasts is a true joy. It is better when I can share that experience with my son as it gives a few hours of shared fun. I want to share my amazing games and look forward to saying why something worked or did not go as planned. One of the things I have discovered is this is a game, you roll dice and hope the dice gods are smiling on you. At the end you pick up your army and look for the next game. What you did during the game either made it fun or just tedious.

It was great to discover the ‘Find an Event’ function on this website. It is focused on the U.K. for now so when I make it back to Europe later in the year I will have a one stop shop to find games. If you have not figured it out yet, I will share. I am an American. I have spent my adult life working for the US Army and I am proud of that service. I have had many amazing experiences with 40K, having played in the tournament scene for more than a decade. I have played Grey Knight (Daemonhunters) since I started, and I am just a bit stubborn and refuse to play anything else competitively. Something about the lore and the mystic keeps me drawn to the Emperor's Chosen, for they are the the Hammer, the point of the spear, the mail about his fist and they slay Daemons.

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