This is a digital SEASON ticket for the UKTC 2022/2022 season. 


How a Season Ticket works: 

Each of these tickets grants you access to play in 4 of our events each 'season' for nearly 20% off the face value of the tickets when bought separately.


Prior to tickets being launched for each event, all season ticket holders will be emailed giving them early access to make sure they can get a spot in the event of their choosing.


Each season ticket gives you the right to play in up to 4 of our events. These tickets are sold as a single ticket, you may not transfer enrty to one event to another player but you may transfer the entire ticket if it is wholely unused.


The eligable events for your to choose from currently include: Coventry (2-day or 3-day), Leicester, Nottingham, The ITT (each player on a team using their season ticket for this event reduces the team ticket cost by £60 i.e. a team with 2 players using their season ticket for the ITT only pays £180 for the remaining 3 players), Manchester and the other UKTC events running up to September 2023. We expect to be launching a further 5-7 events within the remainder of the UKTC season for you to choose form in addition to those already announced.


Please note the Season Ticket does not include the LGT as an option. These tickets must be bought seperately.


In addition to your 4 event passess, you will also get early access to buy addition tickets for other events you would like to attend, ensuring that you do not miss out if they sell fast. This early access will happen for all our events even if you have already attended 4 or more. Season ticket holders who have already 'used up' their 4 events will get the same early access and a chance to buy tickets to any additional events prior to them going on general sale. Simply put, once you're part of the season ticket crew, you're in the club for the full year, even if you use up your 4 entries ASAP.

Furthermore, as a special gift to each of you, we'll be designing some exclusive merch just for season ticket holders. These will never go on general sale and will change each season. You're only way to get them is buy a season ticket!


Once you have notified us that you would like to use your season ticket for an event, this will count as the 'date of purchase' and our normal refund policies will apply from that date. E.g. If you let us know that you would like to use one of your season ticket passes to attend Manchester and then change your mind at the last minute (anything over 30 days from the 'date of purchase'), so bear in mind that you will not have the opportunity to re-use that pass on another event. If you would like this sort of flexibility, you can upgrade your ticket to a Flexible Season Ticket. 


With an enhanced Flexibile ticket, you are able to change your mind about using your season ticket to enter a specific event up to 14 days before the event if you choose not to attend.


Note, you will not recieve a ticket for this event, the confirmation email you recieve upon purchase is all you need to confirm your ticket. You will need the 5 digit order number in this email to use your season ticket so please make a note of it.


Hit the notify me button to be alerted as soon as they go on sale.


If you would like to immediately use one of your season ticket event passes to attend the Coventry GT, please email us at as soon as you have your 5 digit order number and let us know which event you want to attend (2-day or 3-day) and confirm your season ticket order number and name.

SEASON Tickets: UKTC 2022/2023 Season

  • Except where a flexible ticket upgrade has been purchased.

    - Tickets purchased from this website are fully refundable within 30 days of purchase excluding those purchased within 30 days of the date of the event. Outside of this period, a refund may be processed at our discretion subject to a 20% admin fee.

    ​- After 30 days of purchase tickets are non-refundable. This does not effect your statutory rights.

    - Tickets purchased within 30 days of an event are non-refundable.