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Our first event in the South is here and we're thrilled to be brining the show to Southampton in March 2023. The event will feature:

- Multiple game systems! the Southampton GT joins our other events in having 40k and AOS! This page is for the AOS event, if you are looking for the 40k landing page, you can find it here.

- 250+ player capacity. 

- Copious Parking! No more city center streets to navigate. We're on the outskirts of town for an easy uber and have parking on site..



Over the course of Saturday and Sunday you will battle it out over 5 rounds with 2000 point armies. A gaming pack which you should read  can be found here


March 11-12 2023


Oasis Academy Mayfield, Ashley Cres, Southampton SO19 9NA


Where can I get tickets:

From our webstore on Friday at 2pm! Sign up for instant notifications when these go one sale here.

I have questions:

Contact us here.

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