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TOs, get your token here!

Players, find the 2021 / 2022 season rankings here!


2022 / 2023 rankings here.

King of 9th rankings here.


The UKTC is a group of independent tabletop gaming tournaments that have joined forces to form a season of events in which players accrue points from their performance in each event they attend. These points together form that players score for the season and awards are given at the end of the season based on their total number of points accrued. The goal is foster greater enjoyment of Organized Play in the U.K., and of 40k in general. 



If this all sounds a little familiar, it's because we have indeed based the system on the established ITC. Events taking part in the UKTC does not preclude them also taking part in the ITC. So at most of these events, your performance will gain you two scores. One for each circuit. This means that the players who can't make it to the USA to play in events there still stand a chance of winning Best in Faction etc. back home, while the players that are chasing the ITC champs can still get their International Circuit points at all events taking part in the UKTC. All the Tournament Organizers need to do is apply for 2 ‘tokens’ one for the ITC as usual and another for the UKTC.

We want as many events in the UK to take part as possible, so ask you TO if they'll be submitting points to the UKTC and if not, ask them to!

In addition to the above, we have launched a new circuit - the King of 9th, a ranking circuit made up of all our events hosted throughout 9th edition. 

Who Can Participate

Anyone! All you have to do is attend at least one UKTC registered event.

How to get involved

Find a registered event using the link below and get gaming!

Why get involved

Because 40k is fun! And competing with other like minded players in the rankings makes it more fun. You can vie for position with players at the other end of the country for best in faction or that converted spot in the top ten without ever having met each other. Or compete locally for best in your region etc. The UKTC expands the scope of what competitive 40k is all about.

How do I earn points towards the 2021/2022 UKTC Season?

Each player will earn points for each event they participate in which occurs from the opening of events post-covid until the 2022 LGT after which the awards shall be given.

- Each team can accrue 10 score, these are the highest 10 score from across all team members and are summed to give the team score.

How many points is each event worth?  

- We follow the BCP scoring system which is based off how you place in the tournament overall, how many wins you have and how many players attended the event. The BCP scoring system differs from the ITC system insomuch as the gap between events of different sizes is lessened. Here are some comparisons between BCP and ITC Rankings here.  


What awards are available?

​- At present we plan to award the following awards for the 2021/2022 season:

---Best General 1st, 2nd and 3rd

---Best in Faction

---Best Team 1st, 2nd and 3rd

---Best in Region (based on players place of residence)

So, for example you could win the 'Best Ork Play in the UK' or similar. There will be team rankings and awards and we also want to award prizes based on regional performance, so you could be 'Best in the Midlands' etc. In due course we hope to add a hobby and sportsmanship element to this too! Finally, there will of course be a top generalship award with 1st, 2nd, 3rd in the U.K.

Where can I find events that are part of the UKTC?

-All of the largest events in the UK including are currently involved along with lots more. You can find a calendar of UKTC events, here

In addition there are some official UKTC events on the horizon, a UKTC Team Championships, a UKTC Masters invitational event and a UKTC Hobby Champs, the details of which shall be made available soon.

How can I register my event for the UKTC? 

​- Submit your event here

What does it cost? 


Were can I find the rankings? 

​- Here

Score Falsification

Anyone found to be falsifying scores will be banned from the UKTC.​

If you have any questions about the UKTC not answered here, please let us know here.

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